Whether you prefer tastefully decorated inner space or outside on two cascading terraces overlooking the islands and the sea, tavern „Bracera“ will enchant you with the variety of offer and carefully prepared meals. From fish and sea food we offer sea bass, gilt-head bream, gilt-pol, red fish, stuffed calamari, grilled scampi,octopus prepared under a baking lid, shellfish, frogfish, risottos, veal and lamb prepared under a baking lid, pasticada, rumpsteaks, beefsteaks, mixed meat, grilled chicken etc. These dishes prepared under baking lid require prior booking. We also have the popular pizzas from the furnace and various hot and cold side dishes with a wide assortment of wines.

  • Cold starters

    Dalmatian smoked ham (100g) 50.00kn
    Sheep cheese with olives (100g) 40.00kn
    Octopus salad 88.00kn
    Salt sardines (1 piece) 4.00kn
    Marinated anchovies (1 piece) 4.00kn
    Meat carpaccio 88.00kn
    Fish carpaccio 93.00kn
    Scampi carpaccio 93.00kn
    Mozzarella with tomatoes 58.00kn
    Tuna salad 53.00kn
    Shopska salad 53.00kn
  • Soups

    Clear beef soup with pasta 125.00kn
    Bouillon with egg 18.00kn
    Fish soup with rice 22.00kn
    Scampi cream soup 30.00kn
    Tomato soup with rice 22.00kn
    Mushroom cream soup 22.00kn
  • Hot starters

    Pasta - own recipe 84.00kn
    Green pasta with scampi 84.00kn
    Green pasta with sea food 84.00kn
    Pasta with salmon 84.00kn
    Pasta with four cheeses 68.00kn
    Spaghetti with Shells 80.00kn
    Spaghetti Bolognese 55.00kn
    Spaghetti Milanese style 55.00kn
    Spaghetti with mushrooms 55.00kn
    Black cuttlefish risotto 95.00kn
    Scampi risotto 84.00kn
    Sea food risotto 84.00kn
    Gnocchi with four cheeses 72.00kn
    Bread-crumbed cheese 53.00kn
    Ham omelette 44.00kn
  • Frogs

    Bread-crumbed frogs (1kg) 480,00kn
    Frogs from the grill (1kg) 480,00kn
  • Fish and squids

    Grilled fresh sea-fish (1kg) 450.00kn
    Farm fish (1kg) 295.00kn
    Fish steaks (1kg) 365,00kn
    Fish plate for two 370,00kn
    Grilled monkfish 120,00kn
    Bread-crumbed monkfish 90,00kn
    Pan-fried squids (1kg) 345,00kn
    Grilled fresh squids (1kg) 345,00kn
  • Crustaceans and shells

    Grilled fresh scampi (1kg) 440,00kn
    Scampi bouzzara (1kg) 410,00kn
    Scampi cardinal’s style 150,00kn
    Scampi parisian style 128,00kn
    Shells from the grill (1kg) 240,00kn
    Shells bouzzara (1kg) 240,00kn
  • House specialities

    Veal peka (min. 4 pers.) 130.00kn
    Lamb peka (min. 4 pers.) 140.00kn
    Octopus peka (min. 4 pers.) 140.00kn
    Squid peka (min. 4 pers.) 140.00kn
    Pašticada 98.00kn
    Charcoal-grilled lamb rib chops 135.00kn
    File stroganoff 158.00kn
    Stuffed pork fillet 95.00kn
    Stuffed pljeskavica 83.00kn
  • Meat dishes

    Turkey with gorgonzola sauce 95.00kn
    Escalope Parisian style 95.00kn
    Escalope Viennese style 95.00kn
    Escalope Zagreb style 103.00kn
    Veal in mushroom sauce 130.00kn
  • Grills

    Beefsteak 158.00kn
    Beefsteak with egg 168.00kn
    Beefsteak in green paper 168.00kn
    Sirloin steak 130.00kn
    Stuffed sirloin steak 145.00kn
    Meat plate, house style (for 2 pers.) 250.00kn
    Veal rib chops 98.00kn
    Grilled veal steak 118.00kn
    Grilled calf’s liver 90.00kn
    Raznici 79.00kn
    Pljeskavica 72.00kn
    Cevapcici 62.00kn
    Sausage 58.00kn
    Mixed meat 90.00kn
    Charcoal-grilled chicken escalope 73.00kn
    Charcoal-grilled turkey escalope 73.00kn
  • Garnishings

    French fries 17.00kn
    Boiled potatoes 17.00kn
    Sauteed potatoes 17.00kn
    Buttered rice 22.00kn
    Spaghetti 12.00kn
    Vegetables in season 30.00kn
    Ajvar 15.00kn
  • Salads

    Mixed salad 18.00kn
    Beetroot salad 18.00kn
    Charcoal-grilled sweet peppers 23.00kn
  • Sweets

    Pancakes 17.00kn
    Pancakes own recipe 30.00kn
    Pancakes with sabayon 30.00kn
    Tart 25.00kn
    Creme caramel 25.00kn
    Panna cota 20.00kn
    Lemon sorbet 35.00kn
  • Fruits and ice-cream

    Mixed ice-cream 20.00kn
    Coupe house style 30.00kn
    Banana split 30.00kn
    Season fruit 20.00kn